March 1


Okay, so I just wrote my first blog and as I was saving it, Chrome suddenly quit. Just like that. When I clicked on the restore button, I stared at a blank blog page. I had been feeling so positive about participating in the Slice of Life for the first time. And now, I’m not so positive. That negative voice inside my head is starting to become a bit louder. What if this happens again? Should I try writing this in a word document and then copy and paste it into my blog? Should I just try posting my blogs on my teacher website? I’m much more familiar with Weebly, but I’m not really sure that I want my students to read all of my blogs. What if I want to blog about something that I don’t really want to share with my students? Or my parents? What if I’m too tired to edit and my posts are full of errors? Will I really be able to accomplish this writing thing for thirty-one consecutive days? What have I gotten myself into?

Now I know why my students have so many questions when I give them a writing task that seems daunting. They are feeling vulnerable and feeling vulnerable is not fun. We have a lot of questions when we feel vulnerable. And at the same time, we question ourselves. It is, however, when we let ourselves be vulnerable that we are able to grow. And so I will go forward, into that vulnerable space, ignoring that negative voice, and write.


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